Making Shapes

In order to help raise the vital funding needed to promote and facilitate the events taking place for Liverpool Art Month, selected professional artists across Merseyside have dedicated their time to contribute to ‘Making Shapes.’ These artworks are currently being displayed at the Art Month Hub venue (The Grand Hall) situated in Liverpool’s Albert Dock, and will be sold in an on-line auction to raise the funds needed for the Art Month. Email to register your interest.

Brendan Curtis BurtonSam Welsh- Jesus H Henry ChristoEd BuceIan Fallace- Pink and CellsPenny DavenportGuy HarveyBlack SoupAndrew G FisherSarah Jane RichardsPost 1Post 2Mo PeacockAndrew FauldsAndrew FauldsJosie Jenkins- Estuary CallingJane HughesSteve BarrettAnthony GribbenLee Donnely - Hugo ChavezSimon SmithRichard MeaghanRick CreedCarol RamseyPete CameronChris Turrell WattsKaren EdwardsMaria AbernethyTomoGet lostJen Porter- Vertigo Kiss Anna Ketskemety Nathan PendleburyPaula Tasker-LynchTabitha MosesKarenMcFarlane

sian hughesPaul O'Keefe